Pamela and Debbie… our journey begins!

Pamela and I have been friends for almost 40 years. We have been together through every possible known happiness, sadness, loneliness, forgiveness. There is nothing she doesn’t know about me, nor vice versa. If there is something secret between the two of us, it lasts between phone conversations.

She left for boot camp when we were 18, I left for Florida when I was 21. Although we have been apart all of these years, our friendship continues to strengthen. Every year, we make a list of things we are going to accomplish. So far, we are batting a 1,000 when it comes to our resolutions. Especially since most years we start off with the dreaded losing weight.

This year is going to be different… for sure! It has now been officially documented that this “Body by God” needs to lose the BIG 5-0. When I heard this coming out of the Dr.’s mouth, I thought, whatever, this is no big deal. It was brought to my attention in July- right around this picture was taken.

Dear Lord, something’s got to give. I really do, officially, need to lose this weight. Since being home, I no longer am physically active like I was at the hospital. And, since being home, Pam and I talk on the phone more. We need to get moving!

This will be our journey to weight loss and becoming healthier. Although I worked at a hospital and witness a lot of suffering due to diabetes, I never felt it could happen to me. The truth is neither did any of those people. I have pledged to do my best to keep the diabetes and the ugliness of sickness away from me and my family by living “my best life” according to the book Body by God by Dr. Ben Lerner.