Because I am gearing up for a sale in a couple of weeks, I have been baking cookies like a mad woman. Each day I have a goal for how many dozen I need to make to be on target for the amount I want to take with me. As of Friday, I was to be 75%. This is how I screwed up. I put too much pressure on myself. Sophie told me that I needed to relax and focus. Good advice from my 12 year old… and I took it. When you make a costly screw up like I did, it throws off your “mojo.”



With my time away from the oven, I was ready to begin again. I made three different batches of cookies- two of them new to my collection. With the new recipes, I decided to make them straight up. No doubling/tripling, nor tampering with the ingredients.

Paula Deen’s White Chocolate Coconut Cookie

Paula Deen knows her stuff. I say that because I don’t have cable, really am not familiar with her except that she likes butter, ya’ll. So do I. I chose these two recipes based on what ingredients I had on hand. Must say, for a shot in the dark, am thankful they turned out incredible. Paula is goood!

Paula Deen’s Oatmeal Scotchies

Thanks to the advice from Sophie, and with the instructions from Paula, I am in the zone!!

Lemon Bautti

I completed 41 dozen with ease!! At this point, am not worried about reaching my goal. Mojo is back and I know I will achieve it!