There aren’t too many gadgets nor appliances that require immediate replacement in my repertoire.  I went 1 year without a microwave, 1 month without a can opener, 1 week without a dishwasher, 1 day without the washing machine.  However, within 1 hour I replaced my cookie scoop.

No way was I going to continue baking without it.  Yes, I know there are ways to create a dough ball without a new fangled gadget, but, I won’t do it any more.  I will not battle my kids based on portion size they somehow finangle into the unfairness of my love towards the one who holds the bigger cookie.

I have two sizes of scoops- tablespoon and teaspoon.

The uniformity from the scoop is bar none better than utilizing two regular spoons.  In order to get the spoons to form a ball, you need to roll the dough in the palm of your hands.  Not only does it create unnecessary food handling, it’s time consuming and hard to gauge just how much is scooped.

By no means are these manufacture perfect little spheres of snickerdoodle dough.  I am not a factory, but, I am consistent in the amount of dough scooped and dropped.  These are a bit cock-eyed because I rolled the balls in cinnamon and sugar.

Look at the end result.  Not only is consistancy in size crutial for baking properly, it stops the fight of who gets the bigger cookie.  It stops the fight of who I love more.  Size matters.