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For all of this baking, I swear to you, I have not overindulged into a comatose state.  I usually eat one from the batch, and make whoever is in the house try several to critique.  Once devoured, I beg for detail feedback.

There is however, one exception to my ‘don’t eat so much’ cookie deal.  Spritz.  OMG.  There is nothing like this butter cookie.  This is my ultimate favorite to bake and eat.  The simplicity of the ingredients, the melt in your mouth texture, and the hint of sweetness is such I cannot ignore.

Plethora of color dance on your plate

This cookie is so happy.  Seriously, happy.  The kaleidoscope of colors used to create this just brings a smile to your face in anticipation of shoving it in your mouth.  Shaped beautifully to celebrate the holidays, a Christmas tree, a pointsettia and a star all are begging for some milk to accompany them.

O Tannenbaum
O Little Star

My favorite, favorite cookie that makes you want to eat past full.  My favorite cookie that I would fight Santa for!

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