The whirlwind of my baking sale is over… phew!  I did it and I succeeded!  Now it’s time for the back to reality check of all that has been neglected the past few weeks.

Thankfully, my kids are tall enough to decorate the 10 ft Christmas tree at least 5 ft above the carpet.  The past few years only the bottom 1/4 had any kind of ornaments dangling.  

I have to tighten the Granny pannies and start clearing a way for Santa to enter safely.  The flour, sugar, pine needles and glitter are making it hard to find the original flooring.  My counters are still cluttered with baking stuff and discarded school work (hopefully turned in and graded).  Laundry piles now are competing for an Angel topper, and my lists upon lists need to be updated for 2011 Christmas. 

I am looking forward to seeing several dear friends this week- one in town on vacation and the other trying to free up a lunch so we can finally catch up.

Work in progress.  I must shower and brush the teeth.  Cleaning products and sweeper- check.  Clean clothes, use dryer to “iron”- check.  Christmas music blaring- check.

It’s a new Monday; on your mark, get set, go…