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I am so over being well informed of healthy habits and nutrition. Eat this, do that, sleep, move, read, flush. Information is useless unless you use it.

Action- it takes action to change. Whether you go “all in” or “baby steps”, action leads to results. Set it in motion. One thing at a time, baby steps.

This week I am focused on breakfast. Start the day right by eating a balanced breakfast. Now, depending on which information is stuck in your head first thing in the morning, even this is a job for a super hero. Eat egg whites until you cluck; eat egg yolks only 2 times a week, no, never; eat 10 grain super colon blow with a super fruit grown in a foreign country that in a year will fill your gut with guilt because that country only pays a penny a pound for that nutritious delight.

It’s no wonder Aunt Jemima sticks with waffles and pancakes, and Kellogg’s keeps Tony around. It’s just easier to grab a box and go.

Not this week. I am going for a concoction, that after sifting through all the powders and miracle supplements that should be added to fortify your needs, it came down to the basic Body By God first step. Add an apple.

Our worms eat more apples that the four of us combined. Apples are good in pies, cobblers, sauce. Now, we are broadening our pallet to include smoothies.

The sound of smmmooothie is so weird. Mansie Pansie like. That is the whole reason we have never ventured into this drink. Couldn’t get past the word. Nor could I get past the list of ingredients that would constitute a real healthy drink.

Baby steps, figure a way to get this into the repertoire of breakfast. It starts with an apple. Add fruits in the fridge, yogurt, oj. Oh, and a banana. Call it something cute. Blend and pour.

Easy on hand ingredients. No funky stuff.

This morning, I presented our first “Yogi Bear”.

All four of us sucked this down like a milkshake. LOVE it!!

Of course, served in crystal stemware!

So far, my stomach hasn’t done flip flops, no emergency run to the bathroom, and quite frankly, I am full. It’s a good full- antioxidants, good intestinal bacteria, potassium, a bit of Florida sunshine. This is a good step in the right direction for healthy change without all of the fluff and stuff.

Who knew?

Yogi Bear

1 apple
1 banana
1/4 cup blueberries
1/4 cup blackberries
1 cup vanilla yogurt
1 cup orange juice

Liquify in blender.