I am pretty anal when it comes to “closet” cleaning.  I am extremely particular about categorizing each and every shelf, cupboard, hanger, bin.  Crazy- you can trip on your way to the pantry, but when you open it- aah, perfection.  This is how I am with my fridge as well.  Each shelf has a specific purpose- specific.  Don’t put drinks anywhere except the top shelf.  Don’t put cheese anywhere except the top drawer, and so on.  

Pride, I tell ya, pride.  I clean out my refrigerator once a week.  I give it a thorough cleanse once a month.  The past month, however, I have neglected this duty.  I kept shoving stuff on the shelves in the hope the door would close.  Well, I heard the bell.  The alarm went off because from the breakfast rush, the fridge never closed.  Luckily, it wasn’t hours upon hours of the cold escaping, but it was the wake up call for me to take action.

Top Shelf Before
Start at the Top

I start at the top and work my way down.  Each item is removed, the shelf is cleaned and then things get put back where they belong.

Middle Shelf Before
Middle shelf removed to clean
Bottom Shelf Before
Cleared, Cleaned, Rearranging
Top Bin
Middle Bin
Bottom Bin

So, the top shelf is dedicated to drinks; the middle shelf is for leftovers and dinner supplies; bottom shelf is now for additional vegetables.  The bins are 1) cheese and lunch stuff; 2) fruits and 3) vegetables. 

This process took about an hour.  I pulled each shelf and bin out to clean, and one by one, every item was returned to its rightful spot or thrown away.  

I am ready for the next wind fall of groceries to pack this fridge.  Behind these closed doors I have the space for the homemade pierogies, Polish kielbassi and the traditional mushroom soup.  Behind these closed doors is perfection!