What a week. 

We have been preparing for my Mom’s arrival to spend Christmas and New Year’s with us.  Her three week stay begins with fresh linens, and a clean toilet.  We greeted her with hugs, and asked her to watch her step… 

I was so happy to see a great friend from my Disney days. Rey came to town and shared two days hanging with me.  OMG, we had so much fun- the laughs, stories and genuine love exchanged between friends, made my spirit greater!  Love you, Rey!!

I have been on the phone quite a bit lately with Pamela.  We have been praying for her Dad (my “other Dad”) because he has been in the hospital for respiratory issues.  At this time, he is vented and we pray for God’s Will for treatment and family unity.

We are also diligently online with followup information on my Uncle in California who also is vented and struggling with Lou Gehrigs Disease.  Our prayers are for God’s Will for treatment and family healing.

Mark’s computer is on the fritz.  He recieved notice for Microsoft updates and it wiped out all of our files.  Note to self- DO the backups, not just talk about it… aghh.

My kitchen sink has no water.  We travel back and forth with buckets from the bathtub.  I am becoming more erect balancing the bucket on my head.  Posture, balance, no spillage.  “Mom, watch your step!”

Today is the last day of school for this year.  We get to entertain the kids for two weeks.  Nick already is bored.  Sophie is worried she will be spending the whole time cleaning her room.  Mark wants me to spend NO money.  Really?  Christmas is a week away and all that is on my list of things to buy is a faucet.  I HAVEN’T EVEN BEGUN SHOPPING FOR CHRISTMAS!  Now, I have to do it with the kids at home- with my Mother watching her step, Sophie procrastinating and Nick complaining.

We have the trees decorated, our faith is strong for our loved ones health,  we have Nick’s computer to keep us connected, we have running water in the bathroom- knock before entering, and most importantly, we have each other to laugh about all of this chaos.  The Christmas spirit begins with me, and for the love of us all… we’ll have a Merry Christmas!  Just watch your step!