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I am not a big fan of going to the doctors unless the bright white light is calling me.  I need to see the light for me to even think about going to the doctors.  Mark is well aware of this.  He rolls his eyes to the back of his mother’s head and whisks me away for treatment.  I cry and cry because I know my Dad and Jesus are calling me to the light, and I am torn as to whether to go with them, or, sit in an office waiting my turn to enter a room.

With that said, I did my “3 month” followup from July this week.  I decided to go back because I actually wasn’t that afraid of this Doctor.  He speaks softly and directly.  No accent, no over-my-head-medical-jargon, and no death threats.  I went in July because I realized after 4 years working at the hospital, I needed to be proactive for my health and not “wait to see the light”.

Here is the scoop:

  • I am to be a vegetarian
  • I need to embrace vegetables
  • I have to give up meat 4 days a week
  • I am to love the plant species
  • I am to shop the perimeter of the store
  • I am to come to terms with me and veggies
  • We are one

Can you picture this?!  My mouth dropped, my eyes got really big, and my face was pale.  Are you KIDDING ME?!  Buddy, I lost 4 pounds since the last time I saw you, those will stay off because I took the slow boat to China to lose them, my numbers are good, I am reading and studying about good nutrition.  

He told me to watch Food Matters and Food Inc.  Did that.  I watched a hundred more like it.  I showed him my book The China Study tucked in my purse- not for sucking up- but, to read the last bit before dropping it off at the library- swear.  I told him I have read every book I could get my hands on about vegetarianisms and veganisms and the gross processes animals go through before they become the staple on the dinner table.  I have read and watched and thought about all of it.  Buddy, I lost FOUR POUNDS while doing this. I AM doing it, buddy…

Can you picture this?!  The Doctor had the audacity to look me directly into my really big eyes and say “Nah-uh”.

At this point, my right thigh fell off my left thigh and I perched up like a bird and said “Yuh- huh”.  And if I could have, I would have stuck my tongue out to give a raspberry!!  Swear on the back of Mark’s mom’s head.

Here is the part where his hand opend up and smacked my forehead and he bluntly stated that I need to stop learning and start doing.  I needed to create a file for recipes I find, cook and like so I can DO IT 4 times a week.

OMG.  It never accured to me to actually cook that which I learned.   My hand hit my head and I saw the light, duh.

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