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I am on the 50 yard line.

First down- 3 yards. Great!

Second down- 4 yards. Awesome!

Third down- 4 yards.  Incredible!!

11 yards down, 39 to goal and it’s a first down again!!

Seven months with 11 pounds lost!!  I am clicking my heals, high fiving the mirror and a slapping my derrière!  WoooWhooo!

I have learned quite a bit towards achieving the first victory:

  • QB Huddle!
    I actually listened to what the Dr. said. YOU HAVE TO LOSE 50 POUNDS IN ORDER TO BE HEALTHY.
  • No Fake Pass!
    Wrapping my head around the fact that plucking chin hairs doesn’t         automatically mean 3 pounds removed.
  • We are Offense people, not Defense!
    A high BMI doesn’t constitute Being More Intelligent.
  • Plow into the Blitz, Don’t Scramble!
    Insert vegetables into mouth, chew and swallow.  Not, put on plate, shuffle around, then scrape into disposal.
  • No Personal Fouls!
    Standing up and eating anything from a bag is not good.

Last night, I turned on the antenna tv (non Netflix) to a show called TMZ.  Wierd as it was, and certainly something I won’t tune into again, there was one part of the program I couldn’t stop laughing about.  I am not sure if you would call it “fate”, but a message was sent, and I snort laughed and claimed it.

A Doctor from Dr. 90210 was questioned about his feelings on the subject of people spending money on plastic surgery for their pets.  He stated that in LA, anything is plausible.  The people of TMZ were talking about how ridiculous this was, and one man chimed- “Maybe the owners shouldn’t feed them so much.”  Honestly, this sent a pillow to my face.

In the quest to lose the big 5-0, I have done the following:

  • Stopped eating so much.  Point taken from the Man show and strengthened by the Dr. 90210.
  • Never eat past full.  I try to stay right below the full belly mark.
  • I eat those plants before I eat the meat.  This way I am choking them down and leave the best part for last. (Which means I don’t eat that much meat since I stopped eating so much and don’t eat past full.)
  • Snack twice a day.  Smokehouse almonds are my thing right now.
  • Drink water… who knew?
  • Finally pulled two weeks worth of E-Mealz Vegetarian dinners.  I am embracing the notion that the black bean tostada will suffice for a big beef burrito.
  • Oh, and the tempeh, eh?  What is this?  Categorized “meatless product next to the meatless bacon aisle”.  So, I am learning there are more aisles in the grocery store than snacks and baking…  This is where those intellectual skinny artsy people hang out.  I’m learning to embrace them as well.  No judgement zone- cause I am trying to fit in sporting my new readers, sweatshirt and holy jean shorts.

Hut one- I look to my left.  Hut two- look to my right.

The crowd cheers… 39 to goal!  You can do it!  You’ve got it!!

With my eye on the ball, keeping the goal in mind… HUT!

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BTW, tomorrow being Super Bowl Sunday, I will enjoy the chicken wings right after I eat the celery and carrot sticks.  No, I am not going to watch the game.  Why should I, the Steelers aren’t playing.