“It’s not serious, it’s just your life.” – Rosie Horner

I have just been blessed to spend two weeks with my Mother-In-Law Rosie.  She came down from Minnesota to relax and enjoy the kids.  She came to enjoy moments stress free, and with that, was able to visit Disney World and be the kid she always dreamed of.

Rosie is a whirlwind of information and intuition.  Those things that need tweaked in life become the focus of a conversation on how to move toward a universal balance.  I feel fortunate to have such a person of wisdom and insight in my life.  I don’t fear what needs fixed; I don’t fear hearing the truth; I embrace it and learn from it.

So, as Rosie was gallivanting and embracing Mickey Mouse, I was grasping a new view on life.  She is a life coach.  An intuitive speaker, motivator and a believer of the spiritual universe.  She reads cards, Tarot, numbers, pendulum dowsing, kinesiology, heals with her hands and her words.

Of course, these two weeks spent with her, and my Sister-In-Law Sarina (Certified Universal Healing Tao Instructor) for one week, and Sarina’s friend for a few days, I could not find my camera.  So instead of capturing moments digitally, I had to burn the images of time in my head. (Sarina had a phone camera this day…)

As I download and come to grips with what I have learned and what I have to do, be prepared for the Wisdom of Deborah showing up on this blog, because although it’s not serious, it is my life…