Cuban’s To Go.  This is the best place around to get a fresh made Cuban Sandwich- bar none.

Unfortunately, I no longer hang out around Lee Rd. any more and when I am in the area, the place is usually closed.  BUMMMMMMER  When the mood strikes we now resort to Publix sub sandwiches.

I hate the fact that they put mayonnaise on the Cuban.  This is not right.  And when I request a Cuban at the counter, they always point me to the pre-made ones in the cooler.  NOOOO, I want a fresh one without mayo.

Anyhow, last night Nick wanted a Cuban for dinner.  So, we hiked to Publix deli and bought the ingredients needed to make the best Cuban this side of town!  Mayo free!

I linked this to the Food Network featuring the recipe from Cuban’s To Go.  I did not use this, but here’s my version…

Cuban Sandwich

Cuban Ingredients

Spanish Pork Roast
Spanish Pork Roast
Sweet Ham
Swiss Cheese
Dill Pickles
Yellow Mustard
Hot Sauce

The Layers of Yum

Make a sandwich using the whole loaf of bread.  Smash the sandwich as much as you can- goal is to get it 1/3 as thick.

Smoosh Bread

Spread the crust with butter and grill.  Cut at a long angle, serve with hot sauce.

Grilled Cuban

I decided to add more Cuban flair to this meal and attempted to make Yucca fries and plantain.  Hum, great idea gone bad.  I would have to research some recipes to get it to taste like Herber’s Cuban Cafe…  That place is another story- love, love, love it!

The Cuban Dinner