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The kids were off from school the last week of March for spring break.  Mark decided to take the week off as well so we could have quality, quantity time together as a family.

Normally, we venture to Washington DC, but this year we decided on a “stay-cation” in Wekiva State Park.  Printing up the excel spreadsheet for camping, everyone received the list, and packing began.

This was a two night/ three day venture into the woods.  With Nick being a Boy Scout and Mark for years being the Scout Leader, this was a piece of cake!  Until…

We arrived at the sight around 3:30pm.  The kids each had their own tent, Mark and I ALONE in the six person deluxe accomodation.  4:30, the kids are set up, ours still piled on the ground.  I couldn’t figure out what the problem was at first, then I realized Mark didn’t know how to set up the tent during daylight hours.  Up to this point, Mark and Nick always set up camp in the middle of the night.  So, here we are witnessing procrastination at it’s finest.

Nickerbocker's Tent

Magophie's Tent


Are We Having Fun Yet?!

Instead of watching time pass in the hopes of darkness, I told the kids to get their suits on to swim in the Springs.  Oh,yea, wait-  Sophie left all of her clothes on the couch…

Here is the bullet point version of our Springs Vacation because, at this moment it is only 4:30pm -day one:

  • Arrive at 3:30.  Good O’Brien time, only 1/2 hour late due to a store stop for milk and ice
  • Pitch kids tents
  • Empty truck
  • Ready to swim in the spring?  Oh, Sophie left all of her clothes on the couch.
  • Inventory our camp supplies.  Since we have to go back home, might as well pack the gazebo, stop at Mark’s Mom’s to get fourth bike, stop at Walmart for odds and ends
  • Truck is FULL
  • 7:30pm- six person tent up, time for dinner prep
  • Rock paper scissors on who starts first nights fire- Sophie wins
  • Sophie's Fire

  • London broil, baked potatoes, asparagus


  • Clean up, time for dessert
  • S’Mores!!


  • 10pm- exhausted!  Kids down, moon up, fire burning brightly

    Lasso the Moon

  • 11pm- hose fire, night night


  • Early bird rise and shine to french toast, sausage and coffee!

    Early Bird, I wasn't kidding

  • Biked to Springs
  • Lunch of PBJ
  • Swam in Springs

    I meant the kids

Nick and Sophie

  • Canoeing- My version of canoeing was to have Mark paddle while the kids and I enjoy the views.  As we were talking to the gal about our canoe, she states that we need to rent two for the four of us.  Seriously?!?  I don’t think I have ever held a paddle before, let alone, leave my kids to fend for themselves in a canoe on their own.  So, as I beg and plead with the little pierced tattooed chickie babe behind the counter, she rang us up for two canoes… Needless to say the venture was not as “romantic” or “easy” as I had dreamed.

Nick chose me to canoe with, as Sophie went with Mark.  I’m telling you, if I didn’t believe my husband loved me, I would have figured he was out to kill me.  Poor Nick.  He sat in the front as I steered.  Mark and Sophie were off on their own, enjoying splendid Florida as Nick and I were beating the living daylights out of all the lush tropical foliage in our way along the banks of the Wekiva.

Did I mention the alligators?

It got so bad one hour into it, I jammed us on a log and waited for the smooth sailing Markster and Magophie to find us forty minutes later.

Tropical foliage saved by the bird

This was the point where I wished I had a stiff one.  This part of the river is Rock Springs- although Rock Springs is 5 hours of canoeing away… Yep, I’m staying parked.

Literally Moored
  • More swimming
Not us…

  • Dinner prep
  • Nick fire

    Nick's Fire

  • Hotdogs, mac and cheese, corn on cob
  • Played cards
  • S’mores
  • 9pm- exhausted, kids down, moon up, fire burning brightly
  • 10pm- hose fire, night night


  • Rise and shine to a late breakfast of bacon, eggs and toast
  • Bike
  • 11am- tear down camp


  • Noon- Mark’s Mom pays us a visit
  • 1pm- leave camp

We really had a great time on our Springs Break!  Wekiva Springs State Park, in our neck of the woods, was a good choice for a stay-cation!!