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Honesty, who knew how busy we were?  You really don’t think about it until it all comes to an end, then, you twiddle your fingers and scratch you head wondering how in the world did we get through this?

The kids were involved with soccer, lacrosse, horseback riding, scouts, and robotics.  In the grand scheme of things, as long as the calendar was marked, we were able to juggle the schedules and get our kids to their respective activities.  Excel spreadsheet (Kid’s Schedule) used as well, of course!

Sophie’s Wolf Lake Middle School “Lady Wolves” Soccer Team

Sophie played midfield

Lady Wolves

Sophie’s Middle School Soccer

Sophie’s Horse Riding Lessons- Western and English Saddle


Sophie Riding

Sophie feeding Dottie

Nick’s Boy Scouts Troop 28

Nick’s Scout Badge Ceremony

Nick proudly stands with the family

Serious Boy Scout

Nick and Sophie’s Lego FIRST Robotic Team “Legonators”

Lego’s FIRST Robotics Competition


Legonators at competition

Sophie’s Orange County LaCrosse Team “Heat”

Heat LaCrosse

Waiting to Resume Play

Fast Paced Game!

Nick’s Apopka Soccer Team “Courage”

Nick on Apopka Courage Team