I just finished up a stint of work with an incredible “small fish” timeshare company in the area.  I got a call right after Easter to help reorganize a department that was being downsized from a “hands on” maintenance department to a “Non-Tim the Toolman” service department.  What an awesome opportunity!

It started with having to clear out a warehouse full of unused office modules.  It was sort of like a graveyard, realizing that every single desk, cubicle wall, filing drawer, white board, etc. was once used by someone who worked in the company.  Talk about seeing the economy’s effect smack in your face.  Sad, but at the same time, clearing out the items meant a new beginning not only for the company, but for those who had lost their job. (Figuring, it happened a while ago and if there were any hard feelings, they faded as each piece was loaded up and sent to an off site facility.)

Once everything was cleared out, shipped off, redistributed, thrown away, the next phase was to redevelop a department for in-house customer service.  Starting from scratch, listening to the wants and needs of the executive team and employees, I began chipping towards creating a “Disneyesque” philosophy of “How may I help you?”

To follow in the footsteps of someone who was loved and extremely needed, I was quite concerned that I would get the cold shoulder for changing things from how “he” did it to this new concept of “this is how it is now.”  I was pleasantly shocked to get as much support from everyone as I did.  It was very welcoming and extremely humbling to see the camaraderie of the people in this company who had gone through so much change embrace even more.

Being there only for six weeks, I felt as though I was part of the family forever.  I couldn’t talk high enough of the people and their love for the job, company, staff.  There is such an aura about that place that made me so happy to be a part of it.  I was delighted each and every day to get up at 4:45 to go and make a difference…  well, a change non-the-less, and a new SOP for everything this new department was going to incorporate.  I called it the “Hungry, Hungry Hippo Dept.”  If I saw a need, I grabbed it!

It turned out that revamping this department had more going for it than I imagined.  Talking with a new pal, he stated that you never know whose life you touch even if you are here briefly.  I must say, I always believe there is a reason for everything- literally.

What could possibly be the reason I was chosen to work for such a company?  What was my part in the grande scheme of things?  Did I make a difference?  Was I an asset or an ass (clearly stated on my cubicle pinboard wall “Are you an -ET?”) What is the learning lesson?

In all things, you leave a mark and take a piece, whether there was intent or not.  Besides a reconfigured facilities department, I hope I left behind a smile.  Besides a paycheck, I believe I received a clear vision of prosperity.  This company had gone through the ringer, and what is left is a vision of hope and prosperity with people who are delighted to be a part of it.  I am so extremely thankful, I was to.