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—Sophie Box—
Wow. It’s kind of amusing how much Mom laughs at her blog!
As a matter of fact, she laughing at this right now!
Whats next? How about this:
Something about our cat!
-Fawtha! -Mutha! -Kitteh! Yay!
—    —

It’s Father’s Day.  One, where in our head, would be peaceful, loving, joyous and full of giving.  A wake up to hugs and kisses.  As Willie Wonka stated, “Strike that, reverse it!”

Truth, we woke up to kids running around like loons getting on each others nerves.  They stayed up way too late Sat. night, and thus begins the Sunday service in our home with “The Serenity Prayer.”

After all the crying and whining hoopla, I spoke quite frankly about… how it would be appreciated that you kids would be appreciative of the fact you have a FATHER who needs additional love and attention due in part because today is the day to RECOGNIZE him for being a DAD!

And, so it goes.  A peaceful, loving, joyous and full of giving mid morning began with hugs and kisses as well as breakfast in bed.


Microwaved uncooked meat pies, cold hot fudge with strawberries…

Nick’s Breakfast

As well as,

Sophie Magophie

Birthday cake, oreos, cherries, fresh jasmine/mint tea and a cold glass of milk!

Sophie’s Breakfast

Can you say PROUD? Verclempt?

Fa La La Returns

Make our hearts melt.  Make me a proud Momma.  It’s a jubilee moment for Dad!  Cherish this foreva… How can we make this even more special for such an incredible man?

Last year, Nick cashed in a birthday gift from Aunt Patty and Aunt Becky on Father’s Day. (See a pattern here?)  They gave him a gift card for Hard Knocks.  Well, wouldn’t you know, the left over time on the card expires one year after the membership begins.  Wouldn’t you know, Father’s Day this year happens to be one year from last year.  Gotta use up the minutes.

Unsure of how we were going to play this card out, we chose to take Mark to “linner” at a local BBQ joint for him to enjoy a smokey rich steak.  By this time, Sophie and I did not want to go to a shoot ’em place, but felt a bit guilty not spending another Father’s Day with the Man of the Day.  Back and forth, back and forth.  Finally it was decided to all go as a family.

This place was SO MUCH FUN!  It’s “indoor lazer gun combat simulation arena”.  Talk about a work out!  We played in several combat missions, and if you were good, you came out sweating.  If you were me, 3 minutes and killed.  The greatest thing about this place is you don’t lose time when you are knocked out of the game.  You just “clock out” to save your unused minutes.

We played with a lot of father/son teams.  It was nice to see male bonding using automatic weapons and hand guns!  Knock ’em dead!  We wanna win!!  ooh ha!  Seriously, it was SO MUCH FUN!!

Mark certainly enjoyed his special day.  He is one great Daddy who deserves breakfast in bed, steak for linner, and a “piece”.  We have some minutes left on our card.  Expires in one year.  Wonder if Father’s Day…


And the “ba da boom”…

Can’t make this stuff up!