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Good morning, Mr. ZibZib, you got your haircut just as short as mine!
First call for breakfast!

When my brother and I used to stay over at my Busia and DziaDzia’s house, Dzia would come into the room, gently shake our arm and sing this lovely melody!  Once we were up and at ’em, Dzia would prepare a breakfast of hot tea (from a tea bag used multiple times) and cereal, usually Special K.

Who doesn’t love cereal?  Seriously?  Special K, though?  I think not.  John and I would dump as much sugar as we could in our bowl before we got caught.  We would put bananas, berries, apples, nuts, honey anything we could find in the pantry to dilute the boring taste of Special K.  Sometimes we got “lucky” and would find shredded wheat.  Not the sugar-coated good kind, but the hay bale sized plain ones.  This mixture would become a work of culinary art.  One that would be choked down followed by tea.  Dzia would tell us, you have to eat breakfast to become strong.  We’d gag it down, beg for a quarter, and would run to Pesker’s Corner Store to buy UFO wafer candy that tasted like communion.  Cereal and communion.  A great beginning to a day.

Cereal concoctions.  Unlike the yuck of hay and K, my brother and I would fight over the boxes of Frosted Flakes with Tony the Tiger, Fruit Loops and Apple Jacks.  Honestly, the medley of flavors that transformed whole white milk into a pink cocktail was the absolute best way to start the day.  Fast forward to today -OFF THE MENU.  This is now only a vacation treat.  We are back to the good ol’ Mr. ZibZib days.

I was watching the documentary Engine 2 Kitchen Rescue, a sequel to Forks Over Knives.  This vegetarian fireman helps families change their eating habits.  One family of six emptied the pantry and displayed Frosted Flakes with Tony the Tiger, Fruit Loops and Apple Jacks.  Bingo.  My kind of family.  Bingo, a health nut is going to transform this family from eating sugary cereal into sumthin sumthin, and my hope is that it won’t be eggs.

Eating a healthy breakfast is hard-ish.  Almost every program promoting good eats begins the day with egg whites.  Sounds good, but I can’t eat eggs.  We found smoothies, aka Yogi Bear to be an awesome start, but after a while, you need to change it up a bit.

I always have cereal on hand.  Not the sugary stuff and certainly not Special K.  In our pantry we have old fashioned oatmeal, Uncle Sam wheat, Smart Start, Cinnamon Life, Shredded Wheat and Ezekiel (like Grape Nuts).  Is this a good breakfast to become strong and start the day?

Do I believe this vegetarian is really going to give a blessing to CEREAL in a bowl?!  He did!  The plant eating fireman created a healthy cereal mix!  No eggs!!  And, to my suprise, he used the stuff I HAVE IN MY PANTRY!  Halleluia!

Rip’s Big Bowl

I am so happy that something my brother and I created for the sake of saving face to our beloved DziaDzia turned out to be exactly what we need to do to become strong and start the day right!

Good morning, Mr. ZibZib, you got your haircut just as short as mine!
Second call for breakfast!

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