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Right now, the kids are 12.  My Irish twins for a couple of weeks.  Summer started and the parties began.  Birthday…

Back in the day, it was so nice to host the birthday’s together.  Pretty much the same people came for cake and presents.  It was awesome to be able to throw two names on a birthday cake and call it a day.

Not so much now.  Different friends, different points of view.  However, this year I convinced them that, certainly, you can have separate parties on two different days, but on my terms.  My terms were they would be exactly alike- games and all so in my incredibly busy stay at home schedule, I can make one trip to the store for everything.

Nick’s was the first weekend of summer, Sophie’s was the second.

Cake Whoo Haa

The theme for both parties was A Minute To Win It.  Never saw the show, it just happened to pop up under the search of “teen theme parties” and sounded fun to both.

Game Pieces

We decided to pick out the games that would be easy to do and something each friend could take home to try.

Treat Pieces

The take home kit included the instructions to each game along with items needed to play.

Talk about FUN!!!  Both parties were a riot to witness.  One minute was not enough time, so we kept each game going until -just until.

A Bit Dicey:

A Bit Dicey (Nick)

A Bit Dicey (Sophie)


Backflip (Nick)

Backflip (Sophie)

Face the Cookie:

Face the Cookie (Nick)

Face the Cookie (Sophie)

Noodling Around:

Noodling Around (Nick)

Noodling Around (Sophie)

This was just as much fun to witness as it was to play the games.  The kids had a blast and were more thrilled to know they could take all of this stuff home!  Talk about making memories to last! Well, one minute at a time!!