January 29, 2009 I joined Facebook.  Why?  Couldn’t tell ya.

February 5, 2009 I posted this incredible “note” where I thought the originator “friend” was quite interested in knowing more about me.  I spent days thinking of cute, witty, fun little facts about my life.  I spent time making sure the friend knew who I am…  Really.

I had no idea how dumb this was until my next new friend sent me a “note” with the All About the Hubby list.  That’s when I realized I was duped into total stupidity in thinking this was a way for my whopping four friends to know more about the Debster.  Instead, it’s a never-ending list of lists that no one takes such full-blown interest in as I did spending three days in creative mode.

Seriously, I can be a bit of an ass, this was on the ignorant fb arrogant side.  Whatever.  Lesson learned.  However, my days of working on this should not be in strife.  I am posting it again.  Three and a half years later, things haven’t changed.

25 Random Things about Me

  1. I start everyday “Perfect”
  2. I am waiting for Mark to say “Marry Me”
  3. On paper, I weigh 125 to 150 depending on the time of the month
  4. To this day, Bonanza is the job I talk about the most
  5. Seeker: my calling in life
  6. Christmas is my favorite time of year, looking back on it
  7. My #1 pet peeve is listening to singers say “chew” when they mean “you”; #2 is being in a parking lot behind a car waiting for someone to pull out of a closer space
  8. It’s a miracle and blessing that we have raised our children to today
  9. Being with Mark is my all time favorite thing to do
  10. It is a goal of mine to figure out the perfect way to create a balance of what I am hungry for and what I have in the fridge
  11. I drink iced tea hot or cold- never with ice
  12. Honestly, I crack myself up
  13. The one thing I don’t ever want to run out of is toilet paper
  14. Lots of those “I would never“‘s have come back to bite me
  15. Regardless of what state the house is in, I love having company
  16. Proud to be Polish    być dumni z Polski
  17. Most of my time is spent doing laundry
  18. I am a perfectionist who lives in chaos
  19. The one person in my life I would do anything to have another minute with is my Gram
  20. When the opportunity presents itself, I drink
  21. My favorite game is “Now where do I need to pluck?”
  22. I have a crooked neck from all the years talking on the phone
  23. “Really” is my favorite word
  24. I still own and wear an acid washed jean jacket
  25. I thought too hard about this stupid thing, now I realize there are a trillion different “notes” I can write about myself with.  Geez