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Planning a family outing to see a soon to be President of the United States is something to put on good gutchies since this is probably a once in a lifetime experience.  One of which I am sure we have all been raised to be prepared for.

Sophie and Nick were in no way excited about this.  I’m sure it had nothing to do with the fact Mark and I constantly barking orders about the respect they needed to show, what was and wasn’t allowed to be discussed at the rally.  Off limits on pretty much anything Nicholas has in his head, Sophie not allowed to tease Nick on the fact he is not to be inappropriate.  Smile the whole time because you never know when a major network camera will be pointed toward you.  On and on and on the list of do’s and don’t’s welled in their heads.

It’s called preparing yourself for dinner with the President.  Show some manners, please.

There he is…

For as many times as we had drilled the kids on proper behavior and high expectations, what would I do should Mr. and Mrs. Romney decide to come over after the rally.  Did I prepare for this type of company even though I knew they were coming to Apopka and the chances went from zippo to a possiblility of having them over to the house increased a gadzillion fold?

Henry, bottom right

Don’t mind the mess.  Here is a glass of sweet iced tea hot with not enough sugar in my fine crystal stemware that happens to be chipped and stained.  Oh, my, sorry.  Oh, bathroom is around the corner, make sure there is enough toilet paper before you go.  Watch your step, those shoes should be in the closet.  Oh, the ants are coming in because I didn’t get to clean up dinner dishes, oops, sorry.

Having the Best Time

So, no wonder that when it came for our family to pass through the body scan, radar detector, metal screeners, oh yea, Secret Service… we get stopped.  Stopped for our 12-year-old boy who decided to bring his iPod with him.  Who knew that in our list of expectations we neglected to mention to clear out pictures from the iPods that have any kind of threat meaning in any way- IN ANY WAY!!  So, as Nick passes through the empty pockets check, iPod gets turned on, with a picture of TWO semi automatic hand guns as the DISPLAY.

Frisked.  Twice.

Sophie Next to the News Crews

Needless to say, I am telling you, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree does not apply here.

I had pears.

The Romney’s didn’t join our family after the rally.  The Cooper’s came over and thankfully, know the drill.  Have a seat, grab what you need, enjoy.  At least our gutchies were clean!