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The tradition.  Nice way to begin a vacation. Drive and drive. Starving.  All in anticipation for Exit 29 and what it has to offer!  Four hours of driving our hunger will be a thing of the past.  Brunswick, Georgia.  The Gay Pig.  This ritual has been on going for 24 years.  Smell the paper mill, get into the massive construction, bumper to bumper, rain.  Never fails. Stench, construction, conjestion, downpour.

Walking into this building, your eyes sting from all of the heavy smoke billowing from the fireplace. Can’t see a thing, then, swoosh, heavy steam comes at you from the guys using the garden hose to put out the fire from the fat dripping off the meat. Everyone ignores you until you stand under the hand written sign “Order Here”.   Don’t be fooled.  This place is awesome.

GA Pig

Have you ever gone to the bathroom straddling the floor with a tree growing from the hole right in front of a toilet? Washed your hands in a rust stained sink with sulfer smelly water with no soap nor towels? Open a door with “cleanish” hands to only have them stuck to the handle? Looking down through the floor to the dirt and grunge under the building? This is our restaurant.

Georgia Pig Barbeque

Talk about some mean bbq.  The fireplace was huge and high.  Tons of slabs of meat crackling in the fire with the guys tossing and turning each piece and hosing off the burst of flames.  The butcher table was bowed from all the chopping.


Going north, this was a MUST STOP NO MATTER WHAT.


This must stop actually did stop.  Unexpectedly. Our vacation took a pit in the stomach after pulling up and noticing our Gay Pig is closed!  No trespassing CLOSED.  It took us two weeks to stop licking our wounds.  This bbq traveled with us EACH and EVERY time we went NORTH, and on our way back.  24 YEARS.

My hope and prayer is that the holey door slammed closed for the last time because the awesome people wanted to retire, not because of the Health Dept.  Lord knows, if that is the case, this place should have been gone a looong time ago.

The end of an era… no more ribs, baked beans, stew, sauce, sweet tea, pulled pork, warm soda because there ain’t no ice, paper towels on the table stained with someone elses bbq mess, burning eyes, smokey smelling clothes, being ignored, sticking to the picnic table, smoking outside because it was a no smoking facility, being happy with a full tummy and a full cooler of bbq, bread, sauce……….

End of an Era.