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I had been preparing and testing low-calorie, low-fat cupcakes for a health fair I was invited to participate in.  I COULD NOT WAIT!!  I was so excited.

BBG Pumpkin Batter

I spent a lot of time researching the best ways to create great tasting healthy versions of cake.  The theme of this event was Fall, so for me that meant pumpkin!

Line ’em Up

This really was an incredible opportunity.  I don’t have anything that is remotely healthy.  What’s the point?  I do desserts for goodness sakes!

Smell the Happiness

Let me just say, this pumpkin cupcake is so incredibly moist and flavorful you will have no idea it is missing 1/2 the calories and 1/2 the fat of a regular cupcake.  Not to discourage anyone from eating one of my other cakes, but, if you want a lighter version of a sweet treat- I now have it!!

BBG Pumpkin Cupcake

For hugs and kisses sake, this “push me out of my comfort zone to build my   delectable repertoire and character”, I can offer the BBG (Body, By God (cause they are healthier)) cakes!!!

BBG Pumpkin with Pumpkin Frosting
BBG Chocolate with Butter Cream Frosting
and soon BBG Zucchini with Cinnamon Frosting!!

BBG Chocolate Cupcake