Na świętego Mikołaja

Na świętego Mikołaja,
czeka dzieci cała zgraja,
Da posłusznym ciasteczko,
Złe przekropi różeczką.

On St. Nicholas Day

On St. Nicholas Day,
The band of children waits;
For the good cookie he brings,
But for the naughty a switch that stings.

Do następnego razu… (Till next time…)

One of the things that we cherish about Christmas is the celebration of St. Nicholas Day. This is an incredible opportunity for our kids to appreciate the meaning of Christmas by giving. St. Nicholas was a man who helped those in need. He is the original Father Christmas.

We embrace this holiday by having our kids purge their rooms and donate toys and clothes to St. Nick for him to distribute to those less fortunate. It is a great teaching moment and a great motivator to clean out bedrooms- happily.

This is how the tradition of stockings began.

Our kids put…

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