I had the most fortunate week spent with my dear friend Susie G.  She has wanted for a long time to have her bedroom decluttered and reorganized.  She has always mentioned this to me, but hesitated to have me follow through with helping her.  Apprehensively, Susie asked for us to get together to begin transforming her room.  I was thrilled!

The goal was to make her master bedroom peaceful and a sacred area she could relax in.  Love this!!  After staring at the space for a bit, it was decided we start from the far right corner and work our way over to the left.  The left is where her tranquil reading area would be and happens to be the first area you see walking into the room.  Perfect.

I realize it is difficult to have stuff scrutinized, so with a shrug or raised eyebrows, we worked our way through items lying around deciphering stay/go.  We were on a roll.  On the third day, we were working in her soon to be tranquil corner.  I was a bit hesitant, not knowing what was in the drawers of her nightstand…

Pandora.  Eye opening, kumbaya experience.  It was one of those times where each and everything we touched we discovered something about ourselves.  In a deep, personal, trusting, raw way.  We laughed until we peed;  cried until our eyes puffed;  sat in silence until a phone rang.  It was the most thorough purge either of us had experienced.  Who knew?

I am so thankful that our Pandora’s box was opened at the end of our journey.  It opened up the peace Susie was searching for in her room.