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Because we can.

Henry calls and wants to go fishing.  There is no discussion, no thinking it over.  We jump at the opportunity.  The kids love hanging out with Uncle Henry!!

Ponce Inlet is the beach of choice.  Good fishing off the jetty.

Not only did Uncle Henry have to get the kids lines all hooked up,

he also became a bird’s best friend.

Sophie tried baiting the line.

The one thing the kids will not do is cast the line and wait.
It’s cast the line, reel it in, loose the bait, rehook the line, cast, reel, loose, rehook.

This is not the time to meditate on the sport of fishing.  This is all hands on deck.
No fighting it.  It is what it is…

This day the kids were worn out before the bait was gone.

(meaning, bored)

No joke, cast, reel, bait, cast, reel, bait was taking it’s toll.  Henry couldn’t have been happier.

So we left, because we could…