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So, last night it I got a hankering for something something.

Basic Ingredients

There was a bag of apples that Nick claimed were yuckie.

Peeled, Cored and SlicedWhat do you do with a bag of “yuckie” apples?

Pi or Cobbler, Whatever...

Make apple crisps…

Yes, I used my hands.

To off set the “yuck” in the apples, I had to add a bit of lemon and a dab more cinnamon and sugar to the mix.

Pi or Cobbler, Whaever...

And butter.

Pi or Cobbler, Whatever...

Crisp is much quicker to make than pie.

Pi or Cobbler, Whatever...

Just smooch up a few ingredients and bake.

Something Something

No rolling, fuss or muss.

Pi or Cobbler, Whatever...

… from yuck to yum!!

Pi or Cobbler, Whatever...

On Pi day.  It was a perfect bit of something something!!

Apple Crisp 4H

**Side note**
I don’t use recipe cards for everything;  I just gather, mix and hope for the best. However, it was brought to my attention that not everyone (Mark) likes this method of madness in the kitchen. So, I have created the 4H recipe. 4H by the name of the recipe means I am eyeballing the amounts and gu-estimating the measurements.
It’s for Heather, cause I appreciate her point of view (and Mark, because I listened)!!