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An extremely long friendship rekindled a couple times a year.  Luck of the Irish

Funny, our relationships started with hanging out daily.

Luck of the Irish

To now, working months trying to find one open night out.

Luck of the Irish

It’s a feel good hug knowing we still have a strong bond after all of these years.

Luck of the Irish

Even if it takes months to plan a few hours to hang.

January- Ok, we are beginning to really suck at getting together.  We need a “Let’s Not Suck Anymore So We’re Going to Plan a Really Wonderful Evening Like The Old Days With Our Long Time Friends …” Will be fun!  Check calendars.

March- Top o’ the morning everyone!  Please join us for Irish Blessings:  Saturday, March 16th, 6ish.  Early arrivals welcome.  Enjoy a traditional dinner along with some Irish beer. Irish coffee to follow accompanied by a dessert made by Mrs. O’Brien.

Luck of the Irish

Joe cooks.  D’Arcy decorates.

Luck of the Irish

The attention to details with the platters of Irish food, the Irish music, table settings, the overall ambiance was so embracing.  D’Arcy is tossing the idea of joining me on this blog in her own section called “Table Manners“!!!  I hope she does!!

Now, for my dessert.  I did not take with me last night.  A few complications and then I ran out of time.  However today for St. Patrick’s Day, I finished what was started.  Kudos to my favorite blog because this is where I got the recipe.  I wish I could have shared this for our Irish Blessing. 😦

Guinness Chocolate Cupcakes with Irish Cream Buttercream

Luck of the Irish