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Wednesday morning chaos for some reason.

Nick- “Mom, where are my socks?”
Me- “Look in your dresser drawer!”

Sophie- “Mom, I don’t have any tank tops!”
Me- “Really?  If you put your stuff away…!”

Mark- “What did you do with my pants?”
Me- “Are you KIDDING ME?!”

What in the world!?

Last week was spring break.  I told the kids that the big job in helping me prepare for our festive Easter dinner was to do all of the laundry.

Put Away

This is Wednesday.  There is no reason to not have clothes today.  None.

Me- “Nick, what did you do with all of the clothes you guys did last week?”
Nick- “Mawm, I don’t know.  We threw them in the first bedroom.”
Me- “Are you joking?  Where are the dirty clothes?”
Nick- “Mawm, I said, in the first bedroom!”
Me- “What?  How am I supposed to know what is clean and what is dirty?”
Nick- “Just sniff it.”
Me- “WHAT?!”
Nick- “Just sniff it.”
Me- “OMG!!”

Mark- “Where are my pants?”
Me- “In the first bedroom.”
Mark- “What’s clean?”
Me- “I don’t know, just sniff it.”

And this is why I am …

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