Love you…


Tis the season for peaches.  Can’t get enough of them, unless the hubby can’t either and I didn’t realize Mark bought a bunch until I brought my bunch home.  Oh my did we have peaches.

What to do?  Oh, yea- make a pie!

Homemade crust, shaken not stirred, rolled out thin lines the ceramic pie plate anticipating the juicy ripe ripe ripe peach concoction.

I haven’t baked a pie in a while.  This was absolutely incredible to prepare!  To keep the pretty colors, I decided to peel only a handful of the peaches.

One hour later, whalah!

We ate half that pie in one sitting.  I feel as though when you get a homemade treat, you shouldn’t skimp on the piece size.

Cutting this into eighth’s made sense, and none of it was thrown away because it was “too much.”  Scouts honor, this pie was a sin to eat!  So…

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