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The key to getting started down the path of being remarkable in anything is to simply act with the intention of being remarkable.

-Chad Fowler, the Harajuku Moment in 4 Hour Body by Timothy Ferriss

April 24
Pamela started our Goal Setters Group to track our exercise and healthy lifestyle.

April 25
My first post on Goal Setters:
Started the day with a 3.1 mile walk with my neighbor Cindy. Started My Fitness Pal and grocery shopped for gluten free waffles, crackers and my soy butter. Father-In-Law will fill in the blanks for healthy eating…

 May 1

Talk about planting a seed…
Cindy said the word triathlon the other day,
And today out of nowhere
An “angel” appeared
And has nudged us into
The actual possibility of considering,
Maybe believing,
Throwing a bit of dirt, water and fertilizer on top…
Training for one!!
Putting a check box next to the word

May 1
My cousin Anne:
Triathlons are a blast!!! Check out Rocketman tri in Oct. The bike is long but I want to do it!
LOLOLOL… so scary! Fun scary, Love u Deb!
Honestly, Anne is it plausible for me to do for this Oct?  Are you considering it? Oh my, I am nervous!!! Cindy!!!
I think if you are new to biking running and swimming I’d recommend starting with a sprint tri which is like a 10mi bike (rather than 30) but sprint triathlons are great entry level tris and SO fun! If you do sign up shoot me a message and I’ll give you a tip. I’m never “competitive” when I do them and do them just for fun!
Cousin Becky:
Do a small one and work up to the biggies deb!!!
Brother-In-Law Todd:
Go for it Debbie!!

May 8
Ran twice in our walk, doubled back 4 miles in 45 min. Swam 30 min. 19 round laps in 20 min. For the swim tri, goal is to do 60 laps w ease!

May 20
3 1/2 mile walk, fell. Yep, fell. 20 lap swim.

June 5
Bloodwork and scheduled physical

June 8
Absolute Depression
Absolute Depression
I haven’t stopped crying… I am so depressed about how fat and sloppy I have become. I am living a fool’s lie.

Inspiration from Pamela:
Debbie… I love you and your doing well, just stay focused on the fact it takes time to put it on and more to take it off. We avoid truly looking at ourselves in the mirror because we are self destructive and don’t want to see what we have done. Age and life has alot to do with it also. You need to find you and your voice… And what makes you happy!!! Your outer shell is not who you are… Change takes time. Love ya!!!

June 16

I always want to fit in the seat!!

June 17
Follow up blood work:
Healthy, healthy, healthy.  Thank GOD!!! PTL
Morbidly obese and need to go on an emergency medical restrictive diet.  300 calories for a month to lose 30 pounds quickly.  Was told that unless I am on The Biggest Loser, exercise is irrelevant.  If I was dropped off in the middle of Africa with nothing around me I’d lose weight.
Depressed and ain’t got time for that.

June 20
Lets do this together, Pamela. I plan on starting next Sun. This gives a week of planning and happens the day after my ‘Wine Like No Other Tasting Party’. Mark’s cousin Karin does this every couple months. She’s a mother of 4, owns 2 successful businesses and has a book of accomplishments.

June 25
Joel Osteen

Rise up in faith and declare that this is your time.
Don’t settle where you are.
Don’t let excuses hold you back.
Today, take steps of faith to pursue new opportunities and get rid of wrong mindsets.

June 30
OMG! It’s official! Paid! I.AM.IRON.GIRL!
Dada, dada dada dada eye eye eye.
runWomen’s Only Super Sprint Triathlon 1/4 mi swim/8.2 mi bike/2 mi

 2014 Iron Girl Clermont Hero

July 2
Did Captain America and Spiderman circuit. My goal is to sign up for Elite Fitness when the kids start school. Day 2 of these exercises I realize I would be sitting out of most of the programs movements. This way, I am building up my flexibility, confidence, and can start at a higher beginners level then sedentary. I just had no idea how out of shape I really am. I figured *&^ pounds, eating well past full, watching tv and clicking my computer tablet would not put my body this deep into rigamortus. Honestly, who knew?!

July 18
Prescribe Nutrition

You’ve always been
Now you’re just deciding
to be healthier, fitter,
faster & stronger.
Remember that.

July 30
Swam 20 laps in 15 min. Swam second 20 in 20 min!!
Walk 3 miles in 55 min

Sept 4
SBR swim 20 laps, biking neighborhood 2 times, walking 15-30 min. 17 days until tri. I will do very well!

*swim to bike cold, bike to walk legs rubbery
*goggle straps under cap
*slick back hair from swim & bike
*wear sunglasses for bike & walk
*1/2 Gatorade & water
*gu before & after swim, before walk
*tighten laces before walk
*coconut armpit, whooha, dunlap, forehead

Sept 8
Swim 1/4 15min
Bike 8.2mile 52min
Walk 2mile 36min
My body pocked after swim, and went crazy after all exercise. Omg, swollen eye, and abdomen with tons of hives.

 Swim Bike Run

Sept 21

dada dada dada dada eye eye eye eye 🙂

Swim 1/4mile 13min
Bike 8.2mile 49min
Walk 2mile 34min

Defining Moment