I am a stay at home Mom fumbling to find my way around household chores, raising our kids without drama, baking memorable desserts, and leading the way to a healthy lifestyle.

Focus Techniques is the structure I use to be congruent in life.  I utilize spreadsheets, ideas and have a business to help you become organized.  Must say, I love cleaning closets!

Housewife Rehab contains recipes, ideas, my spin on what’s going on in our life. I find it therapeutic to air out our laundry…

Sweet Remembrance Desserts has posts of my baking.  I have done quite well selling my baked goods and want to be of service for your occasion.  I love my oven!!

Body, By God you will find a recurring theme.  We need to lose weight, eat plants and exercise.  Aggh, this is my journey to optimum living.

This is a blog where you sit back and enjoy the writings.  I am not officially professional in any area in my life, I just write what pops into my head and hope you love it enough to come back often and forward to your friends.


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