Focus Techniques

It helps when you are not alone trying to sort through all the stuff you just had to have, or looking over all the gifts received from relatives and friends.  It is tough to part ways with things that have accumulated throughout time, but, the freedom of carrying a lighter load you know is worth it, if you could only knew how and where to begin…

Focus Techniques is how you begin!!!  We will work together to create balance between you and your things.  Focus on what really is important to you; what your goals are; how you want harmony in your home.  It is a fun and easy way to achieve your dream of a clutter-free home.  What is best is that you are not alone!

Focus Techniques is where you begin!!! We will go through what you feel are your problem areas.  Together we can decide what to keep, donate or throw away.  With your input, we can design a technique that will be tailored to your needs and easy to maintain.

Being organized gives you the time and money to appreciate and do the things you love!

Free Initial Consultation
$20 per hour for assessments and strategies
$25 per hour for hands-on organizing
$20 per hour within 6 months for maintenance followup

In the Orlando Area:
Call:  407-497-2898

For Business:

  • Office Organization
  • Department Redevelopment
  • Warehouse Design and Development
  • Inventory Control

1 thought on “Focus Techniques”

  1. I am telling all of you feeling over whelmed, have been in the same house along time, have you been in a funk you can’t get out of….ask your family to give this to you as a gift….you will laugh…you will cry, you will feel GREAT!!!
    Susie, the culinary sassy lassie!


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